Tarun Paparaju

Computer Science student - United States

This young Computer Science student is passionate about calculus, mathematical modeling and data science. Tarun loves solving real-world data science problems, and his goal is to create natural language understanding algorithms that fully understand and use language the same way humans do.   

He is an open-source contributor to Keras and PyTorch and, at just 18 years old, he is a Kaggle’s Grandmaster. When Tarun isn’t writing blogs about his learnings in the data science world, he enjoys playing cricket and table tennis. 

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi

Political ethicist

  • What can you now do on a Z that you couldn’t do before?

    With the GPU’s horsepower, I can run heavy parallel workloads much faster.

  • What is the next thing you want to learn or experiment with on your Z?

    I want to try out a few language-related Kaggle competitions, and research large volume projects with my Z.

  • How has access to powerful NVIDIA GPUs helped to push your work further?

    My love for challenges and my intolerance for idleness.

  • What’s your favorite Z feature?

    My favorite Z features are the amazing Quadro graphics and the great cooling system, which makes intense deep learning sessions flow easily.

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