Rob Mulla

Data Scientist - United States

Rob is a data scientist with over 10 years of experience building machine learning solutions for the energy, hospitality, and pharmaceutical industries. He is also a two-time Kaggle Grandmaster, and is currently ranked 88th out of… in the Kaggle Competitions tier.

When Rob isn’t hard at work, he likes watching sports and spending time with his family

It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life.

Mickey Mantle

Baseball player

  • What can you now do on a Z that you couldn’t do before?

    I can run more experiments for Kaggle competitions, helping me become a better data scientist professional.

  • What is the next thing you want to learn or experiment with on your Z?

    I would like to run more experiments with novel neural network designs for solving data science problems.

  • How has access to powerful NVIDIA GPUs helped to push your work further?

    It helps knowing that I have a machine setup exactly how I like it, and it’s ready to go whenever I have a new modeling idea. I don't need to worry about paying fees every time I want to try a new experiment.

  • What’s your favorite Z feature?

    The Z8 has a lot of local memory and CPU compute power, which helps speed up data loading, even when models are trained on the GPU.

My current gear provided by Z and Nvidia
  • HP Z8

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