Ken Jee

Head of Data Science - United States

As the Head of Data Science at Scouts Consulting Group, Ken spends his workdays improving the performance of athletes and teams by analyzing the data collected on them. He also dabbles in entrepreneurship and content creation, best known for his YouTube channel where he helps over 80,000 people navigate the data science landscape.

More recently, Ken is focused on project-based learning through Kaggle. He hopes to share the processes that data scientists take when approaching Kaggle competitions and new datasets. He started the #66DaysOfData challenge to help people create the habit of learning and working on projects every day. In his free time, Ken enjoys golfing, fly fishing, yoga, and cooking.

As a Z by HP Global Data Science Ambassador, Ken's content is sponsored and he was provided with HP products.

Experiential learning is key.

  • What can you now do on a Z that you couldn’t do before?

    I can now edit my videos and train my models on the go.

  • What is the next thing you want to learn or experiment with on your Z?

    I would like to explore generative adversarial networks.

  • What’s your favorite Z feature?

    The Data Science Preloaded Software Stack

My current gear provided by Z
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