Fuxu Liu

Algorithm Engineer - China

Fuxu got his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science in 2019, and is now a full-time algorithm engineer with a focus on computer vision for an AI company. 

In 2018, he began competing in Kaggle, and by 2019 he had already won 8 gold medals and obtained his current Kaggle title of Competitions Grandmaster. To blow off steam, Fuxu enjoys playing basketball.


Get Your Hands Dirty

  • What can you now do on a Z that you couldn’t do before?

    I can train my heavy CNN model.

  • What is the next thing you want to learn or experiment with on your Z?

    I would like to explore data mining.

  • How has access to powerful NVIDIA GPUs helped to push your work further?

    By running experiments fastly and training deeper models with the large scale dataset

  • What’s your favorite Z feature?

    The whole Z8 workstation.

My current gear provided by Z and Nvidia
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