Our Ambassadors

our Ambassadors

21 ambassadors from 12 countries share their experience working in the ever-evolving world of Data Science. Meet our team, united by the power of Z by HP.
Our Z by HP Global Data Science Ambassadors' content is sponsored and they are provided with products.

  • Engineering Manager / Network Economics (ML) - UK / Palestine

    Akram Dweikat

    Akram Dweikat is a computer engineer and entrepreneur, specialized in machine learning & AI. He has been recognized by the UK government as an Exceptional Talent in computer engineering, innovation and entrepreneurship.

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  • Data Scientist - France

    Amed Coulibaly

    Amed is very passionate about mathematics and computer science. As a student, one of the most difficult decisions he made was choosing between a major in mathematics or computer science. 

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  • Data Scientist - Romania

    Andrada Olteanu

    Andrada was studying statistics as her undergrad in Bucharest while working a full-time job as a data analyst at Avon. She then realized her passion for data science...

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  • Senior Data Scientist - Spain

    Andres Herranz

    Andres is an entrepreneur, passionate about artificial intelligence, data science and research.

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  • Executive Data Scientist - India

    Ayon Roy

    Ayon has a distinct passion for problem-solving using data science, ML, and AI. He is also a dedicated tech speaker and currently works in the FMCG industry as an Executive Data Scientist.

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  • Vision AI Research Development - Republic of Korea

    Chanran Kim

    Passionate about solving human problems, Chanran’s main interests are computer vision and natural language processing while using machine learning and deep learning.

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  • Data Science - Germany

    Daniel Springmann

    Daniel is a data scientist at Havas Media Germany located in Frankfurt. After a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's degree in business informatics, the transition to Data Science was not that far...

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  • Data Science & Analytics Director - Turkey

    Firat Gonen

    As Head of Data Science and Analytics at Getir, one of Turkey's most prominent startups, Firat leads data science and data analysis teams, delivering cutting-edge machine learning.

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  • Algorithm Engineer - Singapore

    Heng Cher Keng

    In 2001, Heng graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from National University of Singapore. After 14 years working at the Panasonic...

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  • Data Scientist - United States

    Hunter Kempf

    Hunter's Data Science Journey began when working for AT&T. During this time, he was also working towards his master's degree at the University of Notre Dame.

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  • Head of Data Science - United States

    Ken Jee

    As the Head of Data Science at Scouts Consulting Group, Ken spends his work days improving the performance of athletes and teams by analyzing the data collected on them.

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  • Actuary Data Scientist - France

    Louise Ferbach

    Louise is a Statistics, Applied Mathematics and Quantitative Finance student, and her interest in data science has only grown over time. She believes that there’s always new prospects...

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  • Masters Student - USA

    Max Urbany

    As Max progresses through his Masters Program, he is particularly interested in intelligent digital accessibility design, along with the ethical analysis of existing predictive models. 

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  • Streamer / Director of Analytics - USA

    Nick Wan

    Nick Wan is a black sheep in the data science community. He codes live every night on Twitch, where he and his viewers enjoy procrastinating...

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  • Data Scientist - India

    Paras Varshney

    Paras is a data scientist at the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru where he works on data analytics and R&D behind an open-source data exchange platform for smart cities.

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  • Machine Learning Engineer - China

    Qishen Ha

    While studying e-commerce at Wuhan University back in 2010, Qishen began teaching himself computer science. After getting his master’s degree from the University of Tokyo...

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  • Lead Data Scientist - India

    Ruchi Bhatia

    Ruchi started coding at an early age and her interest in this field has only grown with time. After getting her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and gaining experience working...

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  • Senior Data Scientist - Germany

    Sam Edds

    As a Data Scientist with roots in International Studies and Development, Sam firmly believes in harnessing the power of big data to improve our livelihoods through making more informed, data-driven decisions.

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  • Data Scientist - Japan

    Takumi Okoshi

    After graduating from university, Takumi co-founded an AI startup and began competing in Kaggle, which earned him 5 gold medals including first place for PetFinder.my Adoption

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  • Data Scientist - Germany

    Tino Calamia

    Tino started his carreer as Project Manager in a data driven startup which introduced him to data related topics for the very first time. Even though Tino thought he would not be well suited to this field, he quickly learn..

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  • Senior Algorithm Engineer - China

    Yuanhao Wu

    Yuanhao got his Bachelor and Master of Science degree from Tsinghua University in 2017. That same year, he entered the Kaggle competitions for the first time and has now joined more than 20 Kaggle competitions since then.

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