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16 Ambassadors from 9 countries share their experience working in the ever-evolving world of Data Science. Meet our team, united by the power of Z and Nvidia.

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  1. Blog - 5 min

    Lightning-fast iterations with HP Z8+NVIDIA RAPIDS

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  2. Webinar - 25 min

    Discovering a Smarter Data Science Solution

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  3. Blog - 5 min

    How I use HP workstation

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  4. Blog - 8 min

    Comparison of Data Augmentation Technics

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  5. Blog - 8 min

    First Impressions on the Z by HP Data Science Solutions

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  6. Blog - 6 min

    Catheter Line Classification with Z by HP & NVIDIA

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  7. Blog - 5 min

    Z8G4 and ZBook Studio in the Kaggle competition

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  8. Interview - 5 min read

    Interview With Kaggle Triple Grandmaster Rob Mulla

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  9. Case study - 3 min read

    NASA Scientists Accelerate Data Analytics

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  10. Video - 9 min watch

    Z Data Science Stack unboxing

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  11. PDF -7 min read

    Edge and Cloud: Finding the Right Balance

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  12. Podcast - 30 min listening

    Reinventing the Data Department

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Ready for a workflow revolution?

Explore the world of data with a powerful family of devices that are preloaded with the software stack you need.

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In collaboration with NVIDIA

NVIDIA-Accelerated Data Science

GPU-accelerated XGBoost brings game-changing performance to the world’s leading machine learning algorithm in both single node and distributed deployments.

2x RTX 8000


1x RTX 8000




Time in Seconds (Lower is Better)

Add power to your performance

    The perfect choice for data science students. Ideal for working with 36 million row databases.

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    The ultimate choice for mobile data scientists and business intelligence professionals. Ideal for working with 85 million row databases.

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    The perfect choice for data wrangling, cleaning, and visualization. Ideal for working with 2 to 3 billion row databases.

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    The ultimate choice for complex simulation, machine learning, and processing of large datasets. Ideal for working with 4 to 5 billion row databases.

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